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                            Jiangsu Greature Bio-Medicine Co., Ltd was established in January 2016. It is located in China’s first comprehensive experimental zone for open innovation. It is known as the “Important Window of China’s Reform and Opening Up” and “Successful Example of International Cooperation” in Suzhou Industrial Park. A comprehensive chemical service provider with business scope covering many fields such as medicine, biology, daily chemical, pesticide, electronics and so on. Since the establishment of the company, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of serving customers attentively, and through active innovation and collaboration with other companies in the industry, we have not only provided many pharmaceutical companies with the required pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical excipients, and impurity standard products. And other products, it also provides IVD companies with in vitro diagnostic reagents and a full range of buffers. With excellent efficiency, meticulous service and rich experience in quality management, it has maintained good cooperative relations with many domestic listed companies and has been awarded many times. Quality suppliers. After years of unremitting efforts, the company has accumulated a good reputation and significant market advantages in the core fields...


                            Founded in 2016


                            More than 300 products can be provided


                            Serve more than 800 customers

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                            We can provide you with more stable and better quality products.


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                            We can provide you with more efficient and meticulous services.

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