• 2016

                              In January 2016,  Greature Bio-Medicine  was registered and established in Suzhou Industrial Park.

                            • 2016

                              In March 2016, start operation, provide customers with intermediates, excipients, impurities and other products in the pharmaceutical field.

                            • 2017

                              In April 2017, enter the biological field, provide customers with IVD raw materials and a full range of buffers and other products.

                            • 2018

                              In July 2018, we actively carried out import and export business and opened up overseas markets.

                            • 2019

                               In October 2019, move to Zhongxin Building.

                            • 2020

                              In May 2020, renamed as Jiangsu Greature Bio-Medicine Co., Ltd business scope involve pharmaceutical, biological, pesticide, daily chemical, electronics and other industries. 

                            • Contact information
                            • Sales:0512-85557988
                            • Personnel Department:0512-85557181
                            • Purchasing Department:0512-85557182
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